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About the Author

Larisa Crockett

I became friends with photography when I was twelve. My dad gave me a nice camera (Zenith) for my Birthday. I was afraid to touch it as it looked too professional to me. At the same time I was really intrigued and was dying to see that “machine” in action and what it is capable of! Besides the technical side of photography, my dad also taught me that photos can keep our memories alive! Isn’t that wonderful? We can rely on this tool and record what we find beautiful, interesting and important and share all that with others!

At about the same time, when I got my first camera on my Birthday, in my English class our teacher was demonstrating big colorful photographs of London Sights. My AWE reaction was obvious and I wanted to know who were those people who gave us that chance to “ visit” London or “to travel” without traveling!

I thought how great it would be to create something like those photos and give others a chance to see the world through my work! And I started dreaming that maybe one day my new camera will help my dream come true!

My Dad encouraged me to travel and the best time for me was to come home with lots of pictures and share everything I had seen with my dad.

He would be very patient listening to my long stories, critiquing some of my shots, and hinting me how to improve them. He was always happy to look through my photos and he used to say that he felt as if he had traveled with me and seen all that himself.

And for me it was priceless and very inspiring as I treasured those moments spent with my dad and felt my dream was coming true. And I keep doing that for all these years!

I always loved how by means of photography I am able to share the beauty of the world around me with others. As if all the viewers go on a trip with me and travel without actual traveling like I once felt looking at those posters of London sights in my English class!

Nature and Wildlife photography give me the feeling of being closer to our creator as if he is letting me into all his private places sometimes unreachable or unnoticed by others to deliver them to the world!

I know if I learned the art of photography when I was a kid and it brightened every day of my life, and I was never bored again so can your kids!

In the creation of my course I combine two of my passions: teaching kids and photography. I am a teacher by education and know how to make the learning process interesting.

Developing Photographic vision course

What you will learn

You will learn how to be creative with composition, framing your image. You will do a lot of fun activities on observance which will help you later on your photography journey! Use your camera, phone, or iPad!


  1. Improved Creativity: The course can help kids develop their creative thinking skills and encourage them to see the world from different perspectives. They will learn how to express their unique vision through photography.
  2. Artistic Expression: The course can help kids explore their artistic side and use photography as a medium for self-expression. They will learn how to capture emotions, tell stories, and convey their ideas through visual imagery.
  3. Visual Awareness: Participants will develop a keen eye for detail and learn to observe their surroundings more attentively. They will learn to identify interesting subjects, patterns, and textures, and capture them in their photographs.
  4. Confidence and Self-Esteem: As kids learn and improve their photography skills, they will gain confidence in their abilities. They will feel proud of their work and develop a sense of accomplishment, which can boost their self-esteem.
  5. Appreciation for the World: The course can foster a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of the world around us. Kids will learn to appreciate nature, architecture, people, and everyday objects through the lens of their camera or iPad or smartphone.
  6. The first course completion finds its continuity in the second one with a deeper understanding of composition and technical side of photography.

Of course, the outcomes may vary depending on each child’s dedication, practice, and individual progress. I would also like to highlight that the learning journey and the joy of exploring photography can be just as important as the specific outcomes.

Developing Photographic Vision and learning photography can have a lot of benefits for kids:

  1. Visual literacy: Photography helps develop visual literacy skills, which involve interpreting and understanding visual information. By learning photography, kids become more adept at observing details, analyzing composition, and interpreting visual messages. These skills can be valuable across various subjects, such as art, science, history, and literature.
  2. Creativity and self-expression: Photography is a creative outlet that allows kids to express themselves artistically. It encourages them to think outside the box, experiment with different perspectives, and capture their unique vision of the world. This creative thinking can enhance problem-solving skills and foster innovative approaches to academic tasks.
  3. Observation and attention to detail: Photography requires keen observation and attention to detail. Kids learn to pay closer attention to their surroundings, noticing patterns, textures, colors, and shapes. This heightened observation can transfer to their academic studies, helping them become more attentive and detail-oriented in various subjects.
  4. Documentation and storytelling: Photography enables kids to document their experiences and tell stories through images. This skill can be applied to school projects and assignments, allowing them to visually communicate their ideas and narratives. It enhances their ability to organize information, present it in a compelling manner, and engage their peers and teachers.
  5. Multidisciplinary connections: Photography can bridge different subjects and disciplines. For instance, kids can explore the intersection of photography and science by capturing nature or conducting experiments visually. They can also delve into history by photographing historical landmarks or events. This interdisciplinary approach fosters a holistic understanding of various subjects and encourages critical thinking.
  6. Technology and digital literacy: In today’s digital age, photography involves using cameras, editing software, and online platforms. Learning photography introduces kids to technology and enhances their digital literacy skills. These skills are increasingly important in academic settings, where technology is integrated into learning environments.

The benefits of learning photography for kids extend beyond their academic studies. It can also boost their confidence, encourage self-expression, and provide a creative outlet that complements their overall personal development.

Learning photography can enhance various human feelings in kids. Here are a few emotions that photography can evoke and nurture:

  • Creativity: Photography encourages kids to explore their imagination and think creatively. It allows them to experiment with different angles, compositions, and subjects, fostering a sense of artistic expression and originality.
  • Curiosity: Photography sparks curiosity in kids as they explore the world around them through their camera viewfinder. They become more observant, seeking out interesting subjects and moments to capture. This curiosity can extend beyond photography and inspire a thirst for knowledge in other areas of their lives.
  • Empathy: Through photography, kids can develop empathy by capturing the emotions and experiences of others. They learn to see the world from different perspectives and understand the feelings and stories behind the images they capture. This empathy can translate into their interactions with others, promoting kindness and understanding.
  • Appreciation of beauty: Photography helps kids develop an appreciation for the beauty in everyday life. They learn to notice and capture the small details, colors, and moments that might otherwise go unnoticed. This heightened appreciation of beauty can foster a sense of gratitude and mindfulness.
  • Confidence: As kids learn and improve their photography skills, they gain confidence in their abilities. They become proud of their creations and feel a sense of accomplishment when they capture a great shot. This confidence can extend to other areas of their lives, boosting their self-esteem and belief in their capabilities.
  • Connection: Photography can foster a sense of connection in kids. They can use their photographs to share their experiences, stories, and perspectives with others. This sharing creates opportunities for connection, conversation, and understanding, strengthening their relationships with peers, family, and the wider community.
  • Joy and happiness: Taking and reviewing photographs can bring joy and happiness to kids. It allows them to capture moments of happiness, create positive memories, and relive enjoyable experiences. The act of photography itself can be a source of joy and fulfillment, providing a creative outlet for self-expression and personal growth.

It’s very important to encourage and support their exploration of photography, as it can have a positive impact on their emotional well-being and overall development.

Dear parents,

Are you tired of hearing that your child is bored and has nothing to do?

Just Imagine:

  • your kids are never bored again;
  • they have an interesting occupation they can put to use anywhere they go (think of traveling, going on a walk with a camera);
  • they are able to use their new skills in school projects and create good content for social media ( which might be beneficial in the future);
  • you have great ideas for the quality time spent with your kids on a walk or traveling (getting involved into the project fulfillment with your kids);
  • you will have free time for yourself when your child is busy with the photo projects (depending on the safety to do that independently);
  • your child has a nice occupation with a lot of benefits instead of playing video games;
  • through fun projects and learning the basics of beautiful image creation, they develop their positive curiosity and interest in everything that surrounds them;
  • learning photography they develop observation, creativity, constructive and artistic thinking; which can helpful in academic studies;
  • learning the main rules of composition in photography they can use them later in any types of Art;
  • giving a chance to your kids to touch the basics of Photography Art which can be a lifelong hobby or become a profession one day;

Why not try and discover your kids hidden potential, or discover new talents and interests?!

Why not offer your kids to do something that might bring the best out of them?!

Join us on a journey of discovery and watch your child’s talent develop one click at a time!

Let’s put your children’s natural curiosity and creativity to use! Let us teach them how to take beautiful photos with a camera or a smart phone and see how their curiosity and observance skyrocket!

They will start seeing beauty around them, which might have been quite unnoticed. With new discoveries appreciation comes!

Camera will motivate them for positivity, which can be recorded forever. The more we surround ourselves with beauty and positivity, the more light we have in our thoughts and lives.

When I was introduced to photography, it seemed unbelievably hard and undoable, especially when I was looking at famous photographers’ work. But thanks to my dad I understood that if somebody does it so I can, and was grateful to my dad who made it easy for me to perceive that unknown world, the more I practiced the more I was falling in love with this type of art. Camera helps me see the unseeable, hidden , helps me remember the things that my mind would forget, record  my impressions of a certain moment and share it with others, give the viewers a chance to travel without traveling, like once I felt when I was looking at the posters of London sights in my English class. It shows it’s always possible to start learning at a different age if you have access to the right explanation!

Being a teacher by education I created a course which is a sequence of fun projects that are easy to understand and learn the basics of photography.

Once it has become inspiring for me, starting from the age of twelve and never weakened since that time I am sure it can inspire your kids for a lot of things too.

Amazing, super talented photographer! She has an acute eye for a perfect setting, always full of great ideas, works beautifully with children of all ages. Very pleasant experience, and most importantly- wonderful pictures and memories

Aigoul G.

January 16, 2023

Larissa is a wonderful photographer! She loves to take pictures and is completely immersed in the process. In the lens of her camera, everyone learns to be beautiful and happy. Thanks Larisa for your love for photography!

luliia B.

January 16, 2023

Seeing the world through your eyes… It’s a beautiful place!!!

Mark Foran

Photography November 3, 2016

Larisa is a very talented photographer and amazing person. She captured not only beautiful pictures of our family, but also she was able to transfer happy and positive emotions which she helped us create with her wonderful personality. Thank you, Larisa Crocket for helping us making memories of our family so special! P.S. Cant wait for our next photography session

Maryna Obykhvost

Photography October 22, 2016
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